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Castlerock Marketing

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Lot 15 - 5 Straws Semen RED GEIS POUND MAKER 22'96

[02/12/17] Castlerock Marketing - Break For Spring Frozen Genetics Online Sale




Status Closed
Lot Opens 2/11/17 9:00 AM (CST)
Lot Closes 2/12/17 7:32 PM (CST)
Base Price $20.00/straw
Minimum Bid Increment $10.00/straw
Quantity 5 straws
Extension Time 5 minutes

Bidding status last updated at: 12/11/19 3:12:18 AM (CST)
Please refresh this page often for the latest bidding updates.

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Additional Information

Epds BW +2.4 WW +44 YW +74 M +25 TM +47
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